30 Outstanding Black and White Nails That Easy To Wear

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Are you looking for the elegant and classy nail look for your holidays season? What  is the attractive thing in different family photos? For this you have to try white and black nails to give you more amazing and different look.

Black and white color have their own importance in all colors, so at they are used for different occasions and events by people in their lives according their tradition. From wedding dress to decoration of your house even your kitchen tiles; the black and white colors are considered . so in our daily routine , these outstanding black and white color give you an attractive and descent look and loved by every kind of women . I will suggest you black and white colors are the perfect choice for your next nail paint.


    1.Sparkling white and black

Black and White Nails with Gold Accents

                                                                             Source: Agnesartbeauty

Simple and classy combination of white and black gives you a perfect look. The single golden nail, classy golden art on ring fingers and sprinkling of gold shimmer over black is a perfect blend of attractive colors.

2.Beautiful Lunar Look

Lunar Themed Black and White Nail Art

Source: Ninanailedit

This manicure gives you a unique look. The moon is beautifully painted in such a way that moon is shining in mid night sky. Moon painted on mate black color gives effective natural look. It is the piece of art.

3.Shimmery White Painted Nail Art

Sparkly, Shiny Black and White Nail Art

Source: Galichaiaolga

This is an appreciable outstanding look. They are combination of simple black and white on which blue shimmer is thrown for gorgeous look. Black lines on white paint provides a different look.

4.Black Nails With Embed Stones

The Simple Black Elegance Look

Source: Baggesnaglar

It is an natural combination of pure black and light pinkish color. The embedded diamond stones over index and middle finger gives gorgeous look to your nails and best choice for those who wanted black and nude combination.

5.Stone painted nail with almond shape

Glitter, Rhinestones, Black, and Beautiful

This beautiful almond shape is loved by every woman.  these nail arts prettify your outfits and enhance your personality. Stone and glitter are option for you while marble paint is a perfect choice for amazing look.

French Black faded with pink

Accents on the Ring Fingers

Source: Elinasnailart

If you don’t have time to paint your nails with amazing nail art, you can go with single nail art.the faded black on ring finger looking classy. Pink and faded white give you a natural look you can wear this when you like.

6.Dark Black Marble Nail

Spooky Black and White Nails

Source: Botanicnails

Trendy and classic style gives you amazing and unique look and so easy to create .at home. White strips on black makes more prominent pink it imparts gorgeous look to your nails and overall appearance.

7.Black Gold and White Nail Art

White, Black, and Gorgeous Gold

If you are bored with old fashion designs, then must try something new and unique. There is a great combination rosy pink and white which gives a natural look. Gold foil on black nail paint can glamour to your looking.

8.Grey Classy Nail Art

Just a Hint of Gray

Source: Nail_sunny

These nails are easy to wear for every day beauty. The nails of middle fingers are painted with grey and decorated with sliver strip.it looks absolutely stunning. White marbleized with black gives you outstanding look.

9.A Great Look of Drops

A Great Look for Fall

Source: Natalimyname

These black and white nails are perfect combination for every woman. The beautiful leave design on ring finger and dripping of drops like rain looking so attractive. Simple black paint with drops gives you a natural look.

10.Nude Nail Paint with Black

Another Great Choice for Halloween

Each hand has distinct look, and both hands are looking perfect.one hand nails are covered with amazing patterns and other one with five pointed stars. This is so simple and easy to wear at home.

11.Embellished Black Nail Art

Queenly Black and White Nail Art

Source: Riyathai87

Embellished nails are very trendy in special occasion. each nail has a different style than other one due to its unique art style. White micro and big beads decorate middle finger elegantly.

12.Classy Silver Stamp on Black

Looking Spectacular in Sultry Silver

this manicure is so easy and lovely, most of the nails are black with silver designs except one. The design on these nails is more complex and fascinating than other silver nail.

13.White Accent Nail Art

You'll Look Lovely in Lace

There is beautiful combination of black and white on square nail. Although short nails don’t offer much place for design while this is the evidence that short nails can also look gorgeous in a simple way and will perfectly match with your dress.

14.Shiny Nail Art

Sparkly, Shiny, and Perfect for Christmas

Source: Thenailsqueen

This nail art is very suitable for every occasional dress. every nail has its own style and personality. The black and light blue combination on middle finger looking so attractive and unique.

15.Black Cat Nail Design

The Best Fall Nails Ever

Source: Bdettenails

This type nail art is liked by everyone. Base coat of the nail is a blend of white and pink and cat is done in black with different styles. Black cat is looking very cute and everyone wishes to have such nail art.

16.Off white black silver nail

Black, White, and Silver Almond Nails

Source: nail_sunny

These are simple solid color nail art on almond shape.it doesn’t mean they have no attraction. These three colors are painted in an amazing way. They are enhancing. beauty of each other.

17.Peculiar wave nail art

Whacky and Weird with Swirls

Source: Asabree

This specific nail manicure has natural look but also cool, modish and stylish design done in beautiful black and white contrast.it will surely catch eye of every one for its unique style.

18.Gleaming Black and White Tips

Sparkling Black and White Tips

Source: Baggesnaglar

Super natural Ballerina nail shape is looking most fascinating due to black and white shimmer on the nail tips. Similar style but in different colors look gorgeous and so easy to wear.

19.Square Tips with Stones

Pretty Square-Tips with Pearls and Gems

Source: Sloteazzy

This manicure is so simple and easy to wear in any occasion. Pearls and stones over white and black base coat have a sparkling effect so just put pearls and stones on nail tips and make your nail look glamorous.

20.Black is Unique

Just a Splash of Black

These nails are just done in a strong white coat one nail on each finger has a sprinkle of dark crosswise over it in an apparently arbitrary example. These nails are very adorable and the ideal decision for your consistently look.

21.Great Look for Fall

Another Great Look for Fall

These black and white nails are one of my favorites. On each one is painted in a shiny silver coat of nail paint, it is a shiny black, and the other two nails are black white spiders with a white base. They are super cute and very fun.

 22.Nails for a Snow Queen

Perfect Nails for a Snow Queen

Source: Nailsbybano

Long hair nails always like fans, and they are especially beautiful. With the mixture of black, white and natural colors, these nails are perfect for winter time. Small pieces of blue that spread in the nails, look like a storms, and nails give birth to the beauty of the winter and the snowy night.

 23.Youthful and Lots of Fun

Incredibly Youthful and Lots of Fun

Source: So_nailicious

These almond-shaped nails leave a joke and youngsters. They are shiny black and white, and they are sweet-hearted on them. One heart is made in yang, black and white style, while looking like someone else is more like someone else’s heart size butt between painting any part of the nail. There is a nail matte black, and the second looks like it can be a painted color painted. It seems that these nails are running very well, and there, but it all works together to work together, which looks best.

24.Witchy Stiletto Nails

Fun and Witchy Stiletto Nails

If you like too many nails, you will love these black and white nails. The nails of the middle fingers are black with white spider deep; the index fingers are white with white spider. And the ring and pink fingers are white with dark holes or black, with three-dimensional waterproof shaped points on its bases, on which they depend on it. They are perfectly nails.

25.Nails are Geometrically

These Nails are Geometrically Gorgeous

These are nails black, white and pink, and they have different types of designs. No two nails look exactly like that, but they all look great.

26.Stunning Ballerina Nails with Roses

Absolutely Stunning Ballerina Nails with Roses

Source: nails__bylily

These nails are basically black. However, two middle fingers of each hand vary two nails. One of the most naturally it has a white / slip rub. The second is natural, from some beautiful black roses, which cover the sides of the ring nail every ring. They are just classical, and they are very good for a nice, quiet day by reading a book at a formal evening or home.

27.Cover Girl Chic

Hollywood Movie Star, Cover Girl Chic

If you are looking for something that looks like Hollywood Goddess, these nails can only trick. They are black and white nails, like the rest remain, but these nails have a metal shears that stand firmly and feel them. The study of gasstones and silver on the middle finger is also very beautiful and beautiful.

 28.Addicted  Art Designs

Addicted to Anime Art Designs

If you are in a Japanese mobile phone or a manga, it’s definitely nails for you. This nail is a fabulous white base, but art on every nail is so complicated and detailed, they are as if someone directly took the graphic novel pages. There are faces, keys, flowers, and other designs, and they are beautiful.

  29.So Sweet and Simple

Just So Sweet and Simple

Source: Elinasnailart

These nails are anything but difficult to make, yet they are likewise truly in vogue. Four of the five nails are done in a strong dark coat, yet the nails on the center fingers of each hand have white nail workmanship on them intended to look like adorable little blossoms and pretty butterflies. These nails are incredible for any event, in spite of their effortlessness.

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