50 Edgy and Artistic Female Undercut Designs

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Short undercut designs for females are acceptable for a show of edgy look that can be more perfect when properly fashioned. It’s not for just males but also most tremendous among females. Female undercut designs are a showcase of inner subtlety and delicacy about beauty.

Today we are going to tell some important inner details and tips about female undercut designs that will help you in your styling and also you learn that what cut looks better on your personality.

Female undercut designs: Contents

What’s the Undercut Hairstyle?

What’s the Origination of Undercut Hairstyle?

How to Choosing the Best Undercut Hairstyle?

Best Ideas of Female Undercut Designs

Undercut Hairstyle

What does exactly mean undercut hairstyle? The name undercut hairstyle tells you that an undercut is based on two portions the hair on the top of the head is long and parted from sides while the back and both sides are buzzed.

Female undercut designs differ because of top layer styling. The union of shaved and long portions are the source of female undercut designs multifaceted and awesome change.

You can choose different undercut styles for looking unique like by tying your top long hair to expose remaining shaved portion or you can hide buzz side through putting long hair on it.


Source: Shorthairislove

female undercut designs now have become famous in recent years because they become part of everyday life to look more beautiful than another one. The main thing about female undercut designs is that it’s like a canvas on which one can draw beautiful designs according to their whims.

Source: Hairmastertanya

It’s a best choice for those females who are wandering for beauty trends and unique fashion style, female undercut designs suit you in both bright and blonde dyed hair. Ultimately there are some benefits of short undercut hairstyles for females like easy to carry, feel oil free and your scalp breath properly and inhabit excessive dandruff.

undercut hairstyle

 Source: Txricanbarber

Origination of Undercut Hairstyle 

David Brose is one of the originators of the undercut hairstyle. For long time short undercut hairstyles were considered more preferable and in recent time has become more famous all over the world.

Proper shape of undercut hairstyle like shaved sides and long top can allow you to eye catching and fabulous look for special night and day occasions. Now tattoo trend also has become very popular with these undercut hairstyles and remaining hair looks more beautiful and trendy.

undercut hair designs

Source: Executivegroominglounge

For unique styling and looking more attractive women are trying to choose such female undercut designs which are related to tattoos designs. For unique styling and looking more attractive women are trying to choose such female undercut designs which are related to tattoos designs.

Choosing best Female Undercut Design

What’s the best look for you? Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide because of coming new trends of female undercut designs. But if you are determined to style yourself with new trendy undercut hairstyle not so difficult. One foremost and beneficial thing about female undercut designs that if you try one undercut hairstyle on your hair and then you think that it doesn’t suit you it’s not a big deal because these undercuts are temporary, not permanent just grow it back. So decide your own look by using sensibility.

There is some different female undercut designs that will be not acceptable for all types of women according to their desires and lifestyle. Male undercut designs can be irregular in a conservative environment, traditional functions, institutions, and extracurricular activities. There is a variety of female undercut designs. Who wants to try something trendy and unique without any special effort. Keep all in mind that we are going to describe below because that would be helpful in choosing for a perfect and elegant look

undercut hairstyle

Source: Bragabarber

Focus on your hair Category

No doubt undercut hairstyle are convenient for any woman who wants to try the stylish trend. They do the best work with some hairstyles and thickness. Hair category is a focusing point when are you deciding hair look. Thick hair will be more versatile and women with thicker hair will

have more trendy undercut hairstyle. Female undercuts design can be awesome for hair that borders on flossy and baggy because relieves some of the messy that produce volume.

When you have thick hair you must be noted that it provides you big area to style yourself with trendy female undercut designs and in this process your shaved part will not be more noticeable due to mess long top while if you have thick hair it means that you have limited options to style your hair.

undercuts haricuts

Source: Freecolour.kms

Hair Length

Hair length is also a very important factor in hair styling because your undercut only depends on it for the perfect look. If you have lengthy hair it means you have a lot of alternatives. You can style top knot bun, braid your hair, curl top for a fancy look and go straight for a slim look with your outfit. Dyed long hair top looks amazing with unique buzz sides so getting better and perfect look try to increase length of your hair that’s would be a good thing to enhance your personality effect.

nice undercuts

Source: Nata_hair

No doubt short female undercut designs are easy to carry, maintain and have the ability to eliminate oil tendency and also promote breath ability of scalp but on the other hand it will take a long time to regenerate. If you have thin and short hair, then you have fewer options as compared long hair. Short female undercut designs to create a more dramatic and fascinating look.

Best Ideas of Female Undercut Design

Here are the 50 best female undercut designs to guide you. You can choose them with your outfit in special and casual events.

female undercut idea

Source: hairmastertanya

You can style yourself with other different trends like tattoo styles on back side of your head or on both sides now it’s up to you what side would you like to style for a cool and trendy look.

 Pixie Undercut with Ponytail

female undercuts haircuts

Source: Skorodumovaelena_

Maintain your middle portion of long hair with a ponytail. Tattoo design is a focal consideration of this style. In this female undercut design, you can hide or open shaved sides to look more awesome in the party.

Blonde Hair Undercut

undercuts haircuts

Source: Hairmastertanya

This daring and captivating long hair undercut looks amazing. This hidden flower will turn heads and stun the crowds. just place your hair up in a messy and effortless bun. Your front look is simple but the back side looks amazing.

Simple Side V Edgy Undercut

simple undercuts design

Source: Samkanehair

Mostly females are in search of simple but classy trends like above in the image. It’s a carefree female undercut design and the best look for all time. If you have short hair and you want to a classy hairstyle, then you must choose such V shape undercut.

Stunning Black Blonde Undercut

undercuts designs

Source: Julie__petrova

We all love this fabulous and beautiful heart hair tattoo. It can be styled to look attractive and trendy. Light brown tips with black top knot bun look amazing for both formal and casual look.

Stylish Fade Design Undercut


Source: Salon__garmonia

This delightful and energetic female undercut design is best for those ladies who have no enough time to style their hair in a short time to go out with a fancy and stylish outlook.so this will be the best option for them because its effortless and side swept will give an amazing look.

Titanium Short Hair Undercut

 undercuts design

Source: Diana_kulakovskaya

When you mix contrasting shades like black and white you can get more beautiful hairstyle. For achieving this look you have to use lighter color on top while darker on roots from where the undercut starts.

Inverted Mountain Short Undercut

undercuts haircut

Source: Vladmira_salon

Another female undercut hairstyle women will find attractive is the bowl shape undercut which looks very cool for short hair. For this beautiful undercut you need to just cut under part of hair.

Cute Trendy Undercut

attractive undercut

Source: _Studio_modern_style  

A female with long hair can think about top knot bun with this undercut hairstyle. You can sharpen you back side with elegant undercut style. Even if you not have enough long hair you cannot enjoy cool look.

Messy Triangle Tattoo Hairstyle

undrcuts design

Source: kk_mone

If you want to get messy and voluminous look just make a beautiful top knot bun with ribbon and flattering wisps on sides. Triangular tattoo design is looking classier.

Cute Undercut with Side Pony

undercuts design

Source: irina_tsoy_stylist

Mostly women love to choose such female undercut designs that will differentiate them from everybody and you express with unique style that what you are in actual.


Blonde and Blue Hair with Cross Tattoo Undercut

undercuts style

Source: Lizaveta_tretiakova

If you are a fan of colors and you are not afraid to experiment with them on your hair. Pick your favorite shades such as blonde hair with blue and most attractive look.

Unique Buzzed Style Undercut

awesome undercut

Source: julie__petrova

It is not difficult to find such a simple and unique female undercut designs. Beautiful in its simplicity long fringes with fade skin is more impressive and elegant. This style suits those who have naturally straight hair.

Stylish Pixie Undercut


Source: beautyworldnet

This pixie female undercut design is loved by every woman because it gives you more options for styling. This style demands minimum effort and has maximum effect on your personality.

Braided Top Knot Bun Undercut

undercut hair

Source: Playwithscissors

One of stylish and classiest female undercut design with braid. Undercut with braids are so attractive because they are easy to maintain and will support your full day.

Mohawk Fade Undercut

creative undercuts desing

Source: johnny_spanakos

Mohawk fade undercut makes awesome variations with buzzed sides and long spiked hair on top. Mohawk hair style works better whether you have curly or straight hair. This female undercut designs is a stylish and versatile look for today’s women.

Flattering Wisps with Nape Fade Undercut


Source: johnny_spanakos

This is a nice female undercut design if you like long hair but desire of undercut style. The hair on the top can be worn in a top knot bun or flattering fringes on side. Cuts on your nape become more elegant when you comb side swept.

Gorgeous Side Swept Haircut

undercuts haircut

Source: johnny_spanakos

Half-faded and a half portion are messy looks impressive and with the slightest touch of violet on the tips makes you a prominent member in your function. Triangular shapes on the nape show sensible interest.

Especial Diamond Tattoo Undercut


Diamond Tattoo design remains always point of attention in women because of its uniqueness and trendy factor. You can achieve this fascinating diamond style to complete your outfit.

Undercut for Short Curly Hair


Source: johnny_spanakos

This special female undercut design can be applied on any hairstyle. If you have short hair and you wanted to style your hair in different manner so apply such techniques that look beautiful and more trendy like making beautiful bun or pony on the top of head.

Beautiful Shaved Nape Undercut

beautiful undercuts style

Source: johnny_spanakos

Women mostly like simple and trendy undercut designs for an office look with trendy tattoo style. If you want to hide your undercut just fall your hair on it and then it will become bob cut so you can enjoy to undercuts.

Yummy Burgundy Top Undercut


Source: johnny_spanakos

This short curly faux Mohawk is unbelievable and feminine at the same time. This female undercut gives you a messy look all over and tattoo cuts on both sides and on edgy nape reveal your interests for beauty trends.

Messy Burgundy Mohawk Undercut


Source: johnny_spanakos

Nowadays Mohawk female undercut design has become more famous than other styles in both men and women. It’s a best innovation for those who have small height to look better.

Trendy Violet Mohawk Undercut


Source: johnny_spanakos

As we all know that violet is a feeling of inspiration and this female undercut design look bit more adventurous with thick and thin shaved sides. This is truly and unforgettable fancy style.

Incredible Curly Buzz Undercut

unique undercut

Source: johnny_spanakos

Sometime when you get bore your straight undercut hairstyle then curly hair is best option to look new and elegant. This undercut style works on short and medium hair. It’s time to remove sides hair and curl top to get fabulous look.

Dark Purple Slicked Back Undercut

beautiful undercut design

Source: johnny_spanakos 

This dark purple slicked back female undercut design has become one popular choice for women that short hair and they want to style your hair in a different way. So this undercut is perfect choice to look trendy and unique.

Long Hair Side Part Undercut


Source: johnny_spanakos

Trendy Wavy Lilac Undercut

simple undercut

Source: hairbywhitneyo

This female undercut edgy design part above the neck has made big contrast with wavy locks. This cool undercut works fantastic on all type face shapes. Beneath locks tattoo design looks impressive and stylish.

Elegant Black to Purple Side Part

line undercut

Source: monica.abadie 

There are many different females undercut designs to try. One is the best option is the subtle and trendy side-swept undercut. This asymmetrical look is stunning and gorgeous. Black to purple dyed hair looking more attractive.

Make your Own Tattoo Design Undercut

undercut desgin

Source: haircut_feed

One of the best thing having long and beautiful hair is plenty of options to style your hair according to a situation like braided, curly and straight and pony tail will be best options in formal and casual occasions. It’s very easy to carry now.

Stylish Magenta Long Hair Undercut

Source: igor_yggor

This female undercut design is an image of lower nape where the hair is falling down to hide tattoo style. You have another choice if you want to reveal your nape style just pull your locks in a pony that would be surprised for other.

Astonishing Look of Short Undercut


Source: charisgrimedesign

Decorate yourself with stylish dressing and jewels for getting an astonishing and edgy look in your party friends. For this look, you need just shave both sides and a fancy top and you can create spikes looking more proficient for all the time.

Pretty Barbie Girl in Long Hair Undercut

long undercut

Source: dianasalonn2

If you are simple and looking for unique undercut design to style your long hair. Just dye your hair with that shade which suits your hair and skin tone and then make yourself more elegant for formal and casual occasions.

Classy Braided Undercut

unique undercut

Source: hairlounge_heerbrugg

Unique and classy blonde braided buzz cut is very glaring. Beautiful simple braid covers the boundary of the top and is inner portion looking gorgeous and enhance over all personality.

Geometric Designs for Long Hair Undercut

best undercut

Source: montenegro_barbeiro

If you are interested in different types of geometric designs on your scalp now is not difficult to style. This is female undercut design who want to try more distinct haircut.

Simple and Elegant Short Undercut


Source: sorellenc

Simple but elegant female undercut designs attracts everyone to you. Silky black hair adds more beauty in your trendy haircut. It’s a best way to find unique style.

Color full Rainbow Undercut

best undercut

Source: cecimce

This stylish and alluring female undercut design look make you a queen of beautiful colors. The upper layer of hair is long enough to cover up your back and turn your look into bob haircut.

Spider Tattoo Long Hair Undercut

awesome undercuts design

Source:  kayteskyhair

Make your backside more inspirational by making elegant top knot bun with spider tattoo. This girl shows you can try different tattoo designs on your scalp.

Chic Undercut for Shiny Hair

undercut degsin

Source: playwithscissors

This female undercut design is stunning with its simple shiny hair and tattoo design on back side. It’s a perfect way to style yourself with your own desire.

Amazing Blue and Aqua Dyed Long Top Undercut

undercut line

Source: isaac4mayor

Gorgeous blue and aqua dyed hair create a beautiful look to your personality. This female undercut design is best for those who want to take off side hair and creates a glaring style on top.

Side swept Gorgeous Look

beautiful unique

Source: bragabarber

This delicate and decent black color this female undercut design wearable in in more conservative settings. This the perfect option for those women who want an easy to style and maintain look that will take them from day to night easily.