Top Knot Hairstyle Ideas for Girls Nowadays

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There are so many hairstyles that are so easy elegant and there are certain techniques to do them. They not only good in casual but also become more important during special occasions, One of those most fanciful. Pretty and cute is top knot hairstyle now in these days has become very attractive and trendy due to its simplicity and coolness. Some most inventive top knot hairstyles are here.

Being very impressive and extra elegant, this updo expresses your individual style. If you are searching for unique top knot hairstyle, then you must check out this post to get an idea of how you can create your own specific and special style.

Braided Top Knot


Braided in a topknot is the best source to add thickness in hair. It’s a single loose braid that has twisted around pony in such a way that looks wonderful. This style is peculiar and unique.

Braided Half Up Top Knot Bun


This half and half down updo with beautiful topknot looks so flattering and smart. Light curly hair and three simple braids raise the stunning look of this cute hairstyle.

Easy Top Knot Bun


 Main features of the top knot are that its time saving and gives a delicate touch to your personality. It’s the best way of hair styling in a short time. This topknot is very pretty and you don’t need to worry this style will hold your hairs for day long.

Delicate Top Knot


Sleek updo works with all type of haircuts, makeup, and dressing and suited all type of casual and formal functions. You can create this bun style by twisting hair locks around pony and finally it becomes messy hair bun.

Loose Top Knot Bun


   Simple pulled back bun design is very easy and gives you very natural look. There are many options to decor simple bun style like making puff on front and falling wisps looking gorgeous.

Chic Top Knot Bun with Cornrows


Dreadlocks are the best way to pin your hair in their place. If you want such a hair style that stayed for a long time, then you must try this. Messy bun on the top look also looking cool. It is also suitable for curly and straight hair.

Piggy Top Knot

Instagram / @PREPHAIR

Piggy bun style is also appropriate in young and kids. It’s very easy to wear just crosshair into two sections and then make two messy buns with the help of pony. You can wear pig buns on any place of head high, low or on any side.

Unique Undercut High Bun

Instagram / @WHATMIASAID

Undercut hairstyle not only expresses your stylish mind but also your inner artist. Usually undercuts join with short hair but this is also applicable on long hair such as making a bun on the top for an elegant look.

 Capacious Top Knot

Instagram / @KERSTI.PITRE

Topknot buns are incredible hairstyles because of they easy to approach and suit any hair length. You need to do just pull all your hair on the top and then secure them with pins. Braids from down to upward give an amazing effect.

Bumpy Top Knot Bun

Instagram / @KELLGRACE

This is the best messy bun option for you it looks effortlessly cute and voluminous hair, this unique style will take extra time in making. For this achieving pull hair into pony and then twist four strands into mini buns and then pin them strongly.

Braid with Messy Bun

                                Instagram / @BRAIDSBYJORDAN

Braids add new style in bun hairstyle to make it classic and standard. This bun style would beneficial in bridal hair style as well as in casual. On the top flower like bun looks attractive and make you feel stunning by wearing this style.

 Two Braids with Top Knot

Instagram / @GAME_OF_BRAIDS

Finding unique styles for shorter and thin hair is not difficult now in these days. Create just two beautiful braids from one front and pull them back to make high bun. You can make this bun style to feel easy and happy.

Loose Top Bun  

Instagram / @ART4STUDIO

The messy hairstyle looks effortless and time saving for both long and short hair. The best thing about loose bun is that it gives you a perfect look within five minutes and also gives a good volume to your thin hair in a proper way.

Casual Bun with Headscarf


Wearing headscarf has become more trendy now in these days because you can do many nice styles with a scarf. It’s not only best for shorter hair but also for thick and suits you in daily routine work like sports and gym.

Elegant Bun for Thin Hair

Instagram / @HAIRBYJAXX

For shorter hair bun making is not tough practice. It’s a very simple way to cover your hair in a very decent way. you can pull hair up into a pony and curl their ends slightly and pin them into a gives you a charming look.

Traditional Top Knot Bun


Bun creates a pretty hairstyle to give you a neat and smooth look in every time. If you want to adorn herself with extra accessories like clips and beads, then you must use them to make herself more beautiful.

Queen Sleek Braided Bun


This hairstyle needs neither much time nor stuffing. If your hair thin, then you must try this simple and chic hair bun and you do work all day long with this without any difficulty because it’s easy to wear and control.

Half-Up Half-Down Knot

Instagram / @FEMMEAKOI

Wearing half up, half down is an absolutely easy way to look modern and stylish. If you have long hair this bun style will be suited to you by wrapping half section of hair on the top and then decorate it with colorful clips and bangs.

Twisted Pigtails


Pigtail buns are helpful in holding both shorter and long hair. Two loopy pigtails give you a soft and attractive style and look like a single bun. You have to wrap hair just on top to make bun on both sides.

Natural High Knot Bun


The bun is very easy to style that goes with every dress in any party without any distinguish. Just hold all backside hair and loosely make top bun while on the front let some wisps on both sides that will complete perfect look of your bun.

Beautiful Braid with a Bun

Instagram / @NICOLEDREGE

This pretty updo is the union of simple braid and bun like loudspeaker. Start braiding from the lower half of your hair up to peak. Then take the remaining top portion of your hair and make bun on the very top for looking gorgeous.

Messy Top Knot Bun


Sometimes you want to adopt such hairstyle that gave you nice look in a very short time, for this you need just simply curl your hair and make a loosely front puff and then pin up your hair in the backside to make a top bun.

 Voluminous Top Knot Bun

Instagram / @SALONLEAH

This great updo style is very easy to do and stylish. This style is the combination of loose braids and nice wisps which are wrapped in such a way that gives you elegant top knotted bun look.

Elegant Blonde Top Knot Bun


For those have long or thick hair, you need a style that will hold your hair in a classy way. The bun is pinned in such a way that it looks big but not too much heavy and leaving wisps on sides give you smooth and nice look.

Front Three Braided Top Knot


Finding unique styles of bun with braids into your top knotted style is a part of amazing styling fun. Here three braids from the front and then towards the crown. It’s a simple way of bun styling with braids.

Extraordinary High Bun


Top-knotted bun is a best way to adjust long hair volume and shape by making such amazing bun on the very top.don’t forget leaving some soft and beautiful wisps on the sides at the nape of the neck.

Red Top Knot with Backside Undercut


Looking trendy and fascinating such nape undercuts are very captivating. You can choose different cuts with your desire but this nape undercut goes with making a beautiful lose bun on very top gives a smart look.

Top Knot Bun for Smaller Hair


Shorter hair but gives longer hair look. Anyone that has shorter hair but has a crave to make a high bun now it’s so easy to get such a top-knotted bun in very short time without any difficulty.

Multicolor Back-Braided Top Knot


If you want to show in party that you have a specific bun style, then you must carry such a beautiful hairstyle. Beautiful single braid on backside with multiple colors and captivating bun on the top is a perfect style to catch the eye of every one.

Blue Braid Top Knot


Now, these days this color is very famous and you can make it more wonderful and fascinating by making beautiful top knotted bun with single braid. This look will give you a loose and stylish appearance.

High Knot for Dreadlocks

Instagram/ @KERSTI.PITRE

Dreadlocks and box braids can also be designed into a top knot bun. This elegant, burgundy-colored artificial is turned into a very well ordered knot. Falling locks section on one side makes a gorgeous look. The golden beads enhancing color effect and hairstyle.

Twisted Top Knot


This topknot bun is best for those who have a desire for big hair. The front and back side sections are twisted, and both sides are adding the softness of the look. This simple and delicate hairstyle is the best way to create thickness in your thin hair.

Stylish Chignon Bun


Long haired girls, this is the woven style of your dreams. It is beautifully dirty with a hole, high crown and a sexy sideband that adds mystery. The bun looks completely smooth and even at the same time. so, this look will be ideal for both casual.

Top Knot with fancyPeekaboo Bangs


Peekaboo bang creates a mystery in any hairstyle along with top knot bun. Front fringes looking so impressive due to its falling downward. This style is modern. unique and elegant.

35 Easy and Attractive Top Knot Hairstyle

It doesn’t matter whether you have short, medium and long hair top knot buns are very easy and perfect way to pull your hairs up. Top knot bun is used by women for their classy hair look. No doubt messy hair bun is very trendy but braids and sleek buns are also famous among girls for their captivating look. There are a variety of buns so women can put hair up according to their desire.