50 Trendy Undercut Hair Ideas for Ladies to Try Out

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The Ladies long undercut hair style is innovative and sweeping the world. It gives a bold look and make your personality provocative and glamorous. The most beautiful and inspiring thing of it; is shaved tattoos. It has versatility with buzz beauty, bob undercut and pixie undercut. Long undercut gives the touch of modernity and helpful to grasp the hot and sexy style.

It is ideal hairstyle for modern ladies who want something new, they can add different colors and tattoos like various geometrical shapes with different shades like purple, pink and blue etc. heart tattoo which is the best idea for the Valentin’s day. Heart tattoos with different style intricate on nape make you hot and sexy. Diamond and other symmetrical shapes are also popular.  for these tattoos you neither need ink nor needles. You just need a razor and intricate the attractive patterns. If you do not want any tattoo, you can get simple long haircut with a side shave which is not complicated and make you descent.

The long undercut is latest trend which is highly popular because of hair tattoos because you can also hide them or show off according to any occasion. Hair regrows and you can make another tattoos. Tattoos are of different style which make your personality attractive like diamond, floral and heart. You can make high bun and colored hair like caramel which give warm look for cold season, looks beautiful. This hairstyle does not restrict you for one design. You can add it with curls and for thick hairs; it is ideal.

. For some hair style you do not need to go anywhere without any expense and other gadgets. Here are the 50 different pretty ideas for long hair undercut with interesting and colorful floral  tattoos which can be loved by anyone.

Side Shaved Long Undercut

female undercut long hair

Source: Thehandsdownes

This long hairstyle is best for the girl who wants to follow long undercut trends. This trendy style offers more options for you just add some style to your side buzz undercut and make it more attractive.

Messy Long Nape Undercut

undercut long hair idea

Source: Aheadssalon

Shorter hair but gives longer hair look. The front portion of the head consists of short hair bowl cut where the hair is cut with straight fringe on the front while resting hair has length on the nape. It looks short in the front but has long nape.

Beatifull diamond  tattoo with black hair

long undercut idea for women

Source: Lishrawrs

A sensuous black diamond shaped long undercut .it is completely natural and makes an attractive and adorable style. The diamond hair tattoo shows fashionable  princes.

Lovely moon tattoo long undercut


it is like a moon in space undercut long hairstyle representing moon cycle .black and   straight hair give a unique simple undercut  long hair tattoo style.

Beautiful diamond tattoo with black hair

Source: lishrawrsa

A sensuous black diamond shaped long undercut .it is completely natural and makes an attractive and adorable style. The diamond hair tattoo shows fashionable  princes.

Fanky haircut tattoo

Source: twodyefourhair

This is one of the most attractive and gorgeously long undercut hairstyles we have ever seen. It is dynamic hairstyle with lovely caramel color. Few rough braces enhance its beauty with unique shade of caramel.

Buzzed beauty under haircut

Source: Twodyefourhair

There is no doubt that the magic of undercut in action.it is attractive due its merged .Geomatrical style .it empresses  the viewers  at first glance.it is totally different longhair undercut for glamorous and stylish ladies.

A black bloomed floral  undercut

female undercut long hair

Source: maurodeoliveira1048

  This is an attractive artistic approach to the long undercut. A sexy look with messy hair style. For a fine and delicate hairstyle, pin your hair up and make a tight high pony.

Classy  Upside Down Braid Long Undercut

Source: Maurodeoliveira1048

A floral plait and braid are a fantastic couple and what is better it is also very easy to create a bun on the top. If you love the look you can make high floral bun, play with number of plait and bun.

Extra Long Undercut for Curly Hair

Source: maurodeoliveira1048

If you don’t want extra volume on top style with straighter roots and curly tips. This style is great for medium to long hair for any event, such as weeding and casual. You can tie your hair in to bun for classy look.

Voluminous Curly Buns Long Undercut

Source: maurodeoliveira1048

Curl bun has come in many varieties which are cute and unique. The natural volume of curly hair is highly admirable. If you want to show your undercut just part your hair into two sections and twist them in to bun with flattering fringes on the sides of head.

Messy Curly Long Undercut

Source: maurodeoliveira1048

This style is suitable for both straight and curly hair but in curls, it will look messy and more appropriate with trendy pink and yellow color effect at the nape of the head so enjoy yourself with trendy colors.

Braided Sides Buns Long Undercut Hairstyle

Source: dennisjosephbabyliss

Hair up in texturized messy braided bun. The undercut shaved in the shapes of flower. The stylized effects are super artistic and such a fantastic undercut hair tattoo. It is suitable for all day long.

Purple Highlights for Long Undercut

Source: dennisjosephbabyliss

Purple is the perfect color to add some edge to your hairstyle. Try adding a few light purple highlights in order to achieve this unique and fancy look and receive compliments for your daring new look all day long.

Shaggy Long Undercut Hairstyle

Source: maurodeoliveira1048

 This long undercut provides enough length to play with texture and color. Try a long undercut hairstyle with long disconnected layers. A soft nape with tattoo designs will look awesome.

Long Hair Undercut with Fuzzy Top

Source: maurodeoliveira1048   

If you have thin hair and you are in want of trendy and messy look this gorgeous long undercut hairstyle is best option. To get this haircut is not difficult just curl your hair and turn them into messy bun on the top.

Spider Twist with Wisp Long Hair Undercut 

Source: maurodeoliveira1048

The straightened long undercut knot bun is smooth and sleek and long wisp at the front Gives you an amazing look to your face and whole look. Twisted bun on top is playful and cool hairstyle.

Upside Down Braid into Messy Bun


A common bun is not the only option to finish your upside down braid in the long undercut. Braid and bun combination is great option for a special and casual day. So this light curly braid bun is an admirable choice if you want something trendy in term of braid and buns.

Long Hair Undercut with side Design


If you have orangey red dyed hair and you consider that this is not enough to appeal you. Then try some fabulous and cool tattoo designs on your sides and now your look will become completely messy and fascinating.

Braided Long Hair Undercut Updo


When are you looking for a fantastic new long hair undercut for your blonde straight hair so why not try some different braid options to give it an extra trendy touch? Upside down braid with unique tattoo design is perfect look to style yourself in any event.

Floral undercut


 Floral under haircut is loved by every woman which is girlish.it is a beautiful combination of pink and purple with floral art. It uncovers a gorgeous lotus design on high undercut and petal are extending outside. It is a suitable hairstyle for spring season.

Messy hair bun with under haircut tatoo


 it is what we find underneath that is most effective. Lovingly styled ‘dos not always mean bold; sometimes a subtle undercut with Magic Lightener effects are exactly what you need to reflect a trendy rebellious side while still maintaining your work and mysterious nature.

Voluminous golden long undercut


. A profound part makes a self-assured portion of volume. Tousle the hair and treat it with the most fragile of twists to make the most beguiling look conceivable. The hummed side cut is an out of the blue gender ambiguous turn that will keep everybody speculating.

Side haircut with clean line tattoo


This long undercut enables you to strike a strong look without the issue and regard for subtleties. The way to this look is binding your buzz to the other side of your crown. This handy solution makes a component of amazement yet can be covered with key hair separating and embellishments for your relaxed days.

Stars and stripes long under haircut


The long undercut is getting it done with a side shave. The side shave creates a straightforward outline that is both disputable and cool with star and stripes hair tattoos. This golden shade is warm and carries a light to cold winter days. It is somewhat shaggy.

Mermaid side bob hair cut with fanky tats

Source:Isaac4mayor    the remainder of the hair in a perfect blue-green-water falling in layers over the eyes and down the back. It is a short look with a ton of current mermaid request that would be great to wear in the midst week of the sun.

A contrast of shapes in bob haircut


A bob cut with triangular buzz is the point of convergence of the style.  A firmly cut blast includes a further layer of diversity and an undulated wave includes a startling lightness. The common powder darker shading enables the lines of the style to make their own enchantment.

Blue crush under haircut with messy bun


An intricately muddled neon blue bun is a gem and will get the lights of the city as you venture out in style. Hearts like tattoos give it a gorgeous look which make it suitable for valentine’s day.

High pony tail with clean shaved undercut


It is a simple and casual haircut. It is not complicated and easy to do especially suitable for the sports girls. it is ideal haircut for teenager.

Hidden sunflower tatoo


This hair cut with simple sunflower tattoo gives you an amazing look. You can also add color and buzz used as canvas for the petals.

Sexy long haircut with heart tattoos


It is hot and sexy hairstyle with beautiful heart tattoos which is provocative and attracts the viewer. This hairstyle is loved by everyone.

Gorgeous side haircut with star tattoos


This hair style has a combination of geometrical tattoos with stars. It gives you hot look and make your personality attractive.

Long hair cut with geometrical tattoos

Source: dennisjosephbabyliss    

It is long side hair cut with beautiful geometrical shapes. it gives you different look and make your personality more interesting.

Under haircut with hidden tattoo

Source: sieteyoncebarbershop

It is a descent look with simple nape tattoos . it is not a complicated hairs style . it is diffe4rent and cool idea.

Caramel long under haircut with burning sun tattoo


Source: boxbeautyco

It is innovative gorgeously long haircut we have ever seen. You can make hairstyle without any effort like messy bun.

Molten Brunette Long Undercut Hair

  Source: mulherbarber   


This is delicate side undercut and easy to approach. a clean line creates blissfully simple and sensual aura.

Long side haircut with descent look


 Source: mulherbarber 


It is side long haircut which is just clean shaved . nothing is complicated.no need to go  salons.

Caramel hairs with simple unsdercut  

 Source: anthonytrianoski_hai  r   

Caramel hair gives you a warm look and an inviting color which gives you forward thinking idea. It gives a soft touch to your personality.

Pixie undercut    

 Source: voiceofhai  r

Pixie hair undercut is good idea for thick hair. Texture of hairs varies from woman to woman. Pixie with high dense curls is so cool. there is plethora of style that you make in different ways with distinct line under tattoos.

Caramel side shave bob haircut

Source: pixiesquid

Caramel shade gives you a warm look which is a unique style with side shave cut involved. It is little bit shaggy and messy but gives you an organic look.

amazing side shave

high bun with shaved nape haircut


Source: k.v.collective

It is the best choice for those who want long hair . it is shaved hair cut with high bun not complicated but simple.

Cute hair tattoo with messy bun

Source: rafael.barber.visual   

It is pretty haircut with cute hair tattoo. Tattoo is just consisting sharp geometrical lines in beautiful shape.  You can enjoy both undercut and long hair with bun.

Symmetrical under haircut

 Source: mulherbarber

It is a flawless haircut with buzzed beauty. It is a shaggy haircut with blonde hairs with high pony tail. Hidden tattoo is not complicated; simple and merged.

50 most Stylish and Fascinating Long Undercut Hairstyles for Females.

Out of each of the types of long undercut hairstyles for female presented here, there has to be one that is perfectly suitable for you. Whether you’re looking for something stylish and trendy cut for the office or wanting something new for formal and casual functions, these styles will work perfectly for you! These long undercut hair ideas for female can serve as inspiration for a different style female’s haircuts if you favor. So there are many classy long undercuts for you to style yourself.