30 Cut and Awesome Trends Nails Design Ideas for 2019

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Everybody loves nail art but it seems difficult to find new gorgeous nail designs for short nails. Long nail designs seem beautiful and attractive but they are not suitable for everyone. It may be discouraging if you have not long nails but having long nails cannot be feasible with the work you do so there many top trendy nail inspirations having hottest and sexy nail design which goes with day to night. Neutral shades; particularly pink, white and purple are significant which gives a soft touch.

Sometime long nails are not suitable for your personality. It does not mean that you have no creative idea for short nails or you cannot have fun. You can enjoy these trendy nails designs for short nails by changing short nail designs, placement and can make amazing nail art.you can also enjoy trendy nail art by 3D nail accents, using sparkles, adding jewels. By using these inspirations, you can create unique styles on your own without any extra expense.

01 Grey and pink nails with floral art

trendy nails idea

Source: vk.com

Neutral shades go with every season like grey and pink which gives you high quality. It is beautiful combination which gives soft touch and feeling of vintage romance. The floral art on nails in black make it more attractive and lovable.

02 Ornamented cuticles with pearls

trend nail idea

Source: styletips101.com

It is easy to wear, having pearls and metallic golden strips across the cuticles have great shiny impact. Pink nails with gold metallic strips is a great idea. These nude nails become more loveable by adding some shiny beads. It is high class choice of nail paint and liked by every women.

03 Marbled nail paint with sparkling nail

trendy nails

Source: instagram.com

It is a great and cool idea of nail paint. It is totally different one and top trendy one. If you have long nails, then you must try coffins with marbled nail paint. On one finger nail paint there is sparkling stone which are liked by everyone especially in night functions.

04 Nails with different shades

best nails

Source: bestartnails.com

Nail paint with alternation of colors make it more smooth which is just like removing line between two colors. These beautiful transitions are effortless.  Blurring of these colors gives you the sensation of sunset which have a great impact on your personality. It is beautiful and amazing look and dazzling sensation of sunset make it more gorgeous. You can  change your color combination.

05 Floral nail designs

latest nails idea

Source: vk.com

It is the best way to enjoy fall with beautiful leaf floral nail art on your nails. It is easy to wear because it is very simple with a neutral shade. You have to just make a green leaf starting from cuticles.

06 Nude nail paint

latest nails design

Source: instagram.com

These neutral shades gives a great classic look that goes perfect for every occasion.  These pink blush nail design are trendy and gives shiny band soft touch.

07 Wine nail paint with glitter

trendy nails ideas

Source: glaminati.com

It is one of  the hottest nail paints. Wine nail paint make your nails make deep and mysterious.it becomes more fascinating after covering one or finger of each hand with glitter. The wine and glitter nail paint is just like combination of two season which gives beautiful look.

08 Grey square nails with glittery ring finger

nails ideas 2019

Source: media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

This nail paint is beneficial who want easy to wear. It is very simple and modern nail paint. It is a best idea, especially for those with square nail shape. Addition of silvery glitter on one nail give an instant sparkle to your nails.

09 Silver Metallic Stripes

brand new nails idea

Source: instagram.com

This nail paint is best idea especially for those who want plain and natural look for their nails. Addition of silver or gold strip gives a sparkle hint metallic strips can be worn on the nails anywhere. These strips with transparent nail paint gives a natural and balance look.

10 Minimalism

fresh nails idea

Source: instagram.com

It is beautiful combination of muted grey and maroon. It is simple but has a great appealing towards the people with simple geometric design on grey nail paint. It is understandable idea and easy to wear.

11 Multicolor nails

amazing nails idea

Source: instagram.com

This nail paint is multicolor of different shades especially the purple color. Purple shade is on the top ofs this season . other colors like mauves, lilacs and off white hues are all shown with purple. Any geometric pattern can be added on white nail.it gives the meaning of neutral.

12 Grey nails

style nail idea

Source: vk.com

These grey rounded shapes nails are  more pretty because of arc shaped color sprays  . make it more charming because of moon nshaped  cutticles. There is use of bold pastle colkors that are that are perfect with grey color.!

13 Combination of Neutrals

nail idea

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

The new neutrals of the season for nails are  soft greys, pinks and silvers and this give delightful impact! Addition of a cracked twig look design to one nail and you’ve got an amazing look.

14 Extra Square Tips


Source: eslamoda.com

It is a cool idea for short Square nails   the exaggerated square tips are particularly unique and stylish! These simple style nails have a little gold triangular design on ring finger that makes them one of a kind and personalized.

15 Celestial Nails

beautiful nail

Source: instagram.com

If you wanna your nails like sparkling glaxy llook and you are traveling through space, you musrt try this nail paint . these are the holographic colorswith glittery sparkles. This nail paint is extremetly gorgeous with almond shape.

16 Grey with  Falling Leaves

Source: bestartnails.com

Grey is the most popular colour and trendy in this  season. Falling leaves on grey gives a soft touch and shows an autumnal beauty that is fresh with little color which is a perfect way to ring in the start of a way of new season.

17 Moonstruck Nails

nails desgin

Source: vk.com

From the inspiration from moon and star it is Another look, with heavenly glow. These nails are very pretty and soft  with beautiful pin shade. Further you can add some pearls or jewels on one nail having sparkle which is just like tribute to night sky.

18 Rainbow nail paint


Source: the11best.com

 Rai8nbow is beautiful combination of delicate colours which has a fresh impact on your personality . tyhyese nails are fun and full of life. This combination has peaceful effect on mind.

19 Meteor sparkling

beautiful nails

Source: instagram.com

 This nauil paint has a touch of meteor sparkling. This nail paint boost up shine with some gliter adorned  with a metallic sparkle. This combination is full of style.

20 Whitewashed Nails with golden

latest nails design

Source: stylishwife.com

 White colored nails have been seen a beautiful nail pai8nt which is easiest to wear. Adit5ion o9f golden nail paint on one finger make it more attractive with glittery effect.addition of some gold dots make it more attractive.it is a gorgeous combination way!

21 Mysterious black with pink

Source: vk.com

Black  nail paint is that one which goes with ever season. It gives more descent look when you add  soft pink nail paint on one finger .. you can make it more pretty by designing pink nail with black nail paint.these dark blacjk nails are mysterious And more alluring.

22 Polka Dot Neutrals

Source: womentriangle.com

So the neutral colors we’ve been seeing here are once again with a popular trend;polka dots with a beautiful contrast. It is a a classy nail paint especially for short nails and give them perfect shape with beautiful neutral shades!

23 glamorous Nails

Source: instagram.com

These nails are new and loveable because of coffin shape but loading with sparkling beads.to wear this you have to simply take soft nail paint and add some jewels with glitter on your soft pinkl nai8l paint

24 Geometric Gems

Source: bestartnails.com

This nail paint is beautiful contrast of pink,black and white. It is very stylish and modern. On one nail the arrow shape design give you chance to take all the colors together. You can add some black beads and make triangular shape design on white polished nails.

25 Triangular Tips with silver nail paint

nails idea

Source: bestartnails.com

 It is a modern out look with super style nail paint with a great combination of pink , white and metallic silver. triangular block with silver metallic make the the cuticles supper stylish with pinky nails . nude color with glitter is suitable for both day and night.!

26 Tropical Twists with bold colors

nail designs

Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

It has a combination of bold and bright colors like nails . it is simple but effective because of its contrast. The orange and lime green color is beautiful combination which are an unexpected twist to the neutral shades with an exciting style .  !

27 Sparkling nails with pink

Source: bmodish.com

 This pretty nail paint  is so much stylish  with pretty pink color and the use of triangular designs on ring finger , give you anew scheme of color. This new version can go  fr4om day to night because of it5s contrast.

28 Ombré Purple with mysterious look

trend nail

Source: instagram.com

 The deep color has more impact and give you you a new life that shows off  a graduating depth with the ombre design top off with black tips trend with nail art and this nail art is totally chic!

29 Blue Jeweled Moons

inspiration nails

Source: instagram.com

 This is so much fascinating color which is liked by everyone  with blackish effect. It has an incredible shine  with high gloss. One one nail of ring finger is super pretty jeweled with star like shinning beads.

30 Pink Half Moon nail paint

nails idea

Source: blog.lulus.com

 It is a new style of French manicure. it is so much fabulous. And girly with pink shade and rose metallic. This is totally new style and easy to wear. Half-moon cuticles are followed by new half-moon which ends with metallic end