50 Hot New Short Bob Hairstyle Ideas

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Do you have slim body with cure face? We know that it is really beautiful. The women with cute face look so wonderful. But it is will be better if you have good haircuts also. Actually, you may get so many kinds of recommendations of haircuts. Your friends might advice you with long hair or medium haircuts. But we want to say that short bob haircuts for girl will suit you better. You might be so doubt with our recommendation. It is okay. It can be caused of the fact that you never see this haircut applied for cute face. So, we give you some ways for knowing that bob haircuts will be very nice for cute women.


If you like reading magazines, now you should pay attention to the pictures also. Reading magazines is a must for getting information. But you should pay attention to the pages also. If you are lucky enough, you will find pictures of models with cute face. Please pay attention to them. Usually, the cute face women have bob hairstyles. It looks so nice. So, you can have the same thing as they do. But sometimes the magazines don’t talk about short bob haircuts. So, you have to wait until the next edition.

    Short Bob Hairstyle Ideas

Ask your friends; opinion! Your friends know well about your performance. They know about your dress, your makeup and of course your hairstyles. You may ask them for their opinion about your total performance. But for the detail description, you should ask them to say something about your hairstyles. They might say that it is really excellent. But you should check the opinion to the other friends also. They might have different opinion. So, you can compare the opinions from several friends.

Get the inspirations from hair dresser. You might have professional hair dresser. Please go to them for asking about the good hairstyle for you. We know that they are kind enough. They will tell you that the bob hairstyle is better for you. Of course they will see the shape of your face first. For this job, you should say that they are really excellent in this matter. They know well about bob haircuts for women with cute face like you. Hmm,, Is Short Layered Bob Good For Young Girls?                                                                                                                                                                             

 Delightful versatile bob for girl

Source: shirlleysherry

Simple stylish and trendy bob for  all that kind of women who don’t wear a difficult hairstyle .it allow you freedom in the  way you want without wearing permanent difficult hairstyle daily in the morning .

Easy to style bob cut

Source: cabeloworld

If u do not want a long hair cut we suggest you a short and easy hair cut. Cut your hair in such away that people will be asking where from you got this haircut. It is short chic and edgy and has good effect on your personality.

The hair style which make you feel easy

Source: cabeloworld

if you want to make yourself a unique personality then you need a face framing bob haircut. It will you give you someedges and make you friendly for people. This change in your  personality will must attract your  audience.

Straight bob with side part

Source: chrisjones_hair

This bob haircut which is loved by every kind of women. It has sharp edges are so much fun and do not need frills found like in other hairstyle. This is simple and straight but modern hairstyle.

Short Stacked bob

Source: anhcotran

It is very smooth and simple to style. It is classic bob but has a bit of fun with short strands on unique places. It will  give you face frame and make you youthful as you want to be.

Simple wavy bob cut

Source: anhcotran

We are love in with waves of our hair. If you do not want to cut off your hair short then it is ideal hair style that you can wear by giving some waves your hair. No fear of chopping hair and you can live happy  between short and long bob by straightening .

Blowing things out of proportion

Source: styled_by_carolynn

It is simple and wavy hair style. This is the best idea for those ladies who have thin hair and want volume to their hair. This blonde long bob cut is attractive and gives you  a trendy look.

Sassy delightful hairstyle for women

Source: styled_by_carolynn          

 With a drastic transition from short in the back and longer in the front, this hairstyle allows you to keep hair off of your neck while still framing your face perfectly. It’s edgy enough to keep you from looking basic yet delicate enough to keep you looking feminine. If you ask us, this cut offers the perfect balance.

Blonde balayage on a shaggy bob

Source: riawn

Short hairstyles are full of options. You can make your hairstyle according to your desire . there is plethora of ways to manage your short hair.

The Forever Youthful Long Bob

Source: frances_hairartist 

It doesn’t matter how many years go by; the long bob will always be a trendy hairstyle. If you’re not ready to chop off your long locks to a short bob, the long bob will be a happy medium. It’s chic, trendy, and looks fabulous on almost anyone.

Boss Lady For the Win

Source: johnnyramirez

For square pattern faces try contemporary bob. Hairs falling on both improve the facial features and sides frame the face.

Boss Lady For the Win

Source: monikathegreat

There’s no way you won’t look the part of a woman in charge when you get a sleek style like this one. This bob says that you know how to handle what comes your way while still caring about how you look. For the boss lady who wants a low-maintenance bob, this is the way to go

Trendy  messy  bob

Source: corynneylon_hair

this look is suitable for evry age and it is very eye catching. This hair style is liked by hairdressers and clients both because of its practicality. It gives volume to your hair and provide a bulky look.

Short long sophistication

Source: corynneylon_hair

This is loved by every women because of its verstality. It is sexy and can have a sophisticated look ; you just need to drying it straight,or you can also give some curls in it out for some texture. Its is easy to wear. It is for those who live busy life .

Short and simple bob cut

Source: ramireztransalon

This is a razor cut mid neck length bob with graduation. This haircut has some inward waves  for a face frame effect . this cute choppy fringe enhances the look  and provide texture .

Textured and layered graduated bob

Source: styledbylizsustaita

It is short graduated bob with layers and bangs. Layers are brushed to fall over the bangs and gave it a messy look . it is a completely different hairstyle and you can also style it in different ways .

Texturized tousled hair

Source: sadieface

It is a texturized bob with a lower maintenance highlight. It provides super blonde hair without the high maintenance. Aanyone can wear this hairstyle either she has thick or fine hair.

Wispy bob with long bangs

Source: presleypoe

The hair cut loved by everyone. It is very light hair cut and loved by those ladies who do not want much bulk. You can wear long wispy bangs as well if you want to put attention  to your eyes and beautiful face.

A perfectly bOB Styles

Source: presleypoe

A perfectly rounded  blonde bob frames elongated faces and sharp angles. Highlighted blonde hair also help i9n brighten up your  look and volume to the hair.

Asymmetrical bob haircut

Source: presleypoe

It is the easiest way to get medium angled bob haircuts is to cut them symmetric. To create asymmetry, you simply divide your hair into two sections with a deep side part. The hair fall so that it creats one of the angled medium long bob haircut with longer front and short back.

Silver short bob for fine hair

Source: jessicawagnerhair

It is disciplined shape, but with layers providing texture and movements . its layers gives it more attraction to your personality. this hairstyle keep the shape from looking too solid and heavys Ombre

The delightfully versatile bob

Source: styled_by_carolynn

This is simple yet stylish bob is great for women who do nt to want to go drastic but who want to look trendy. It has smooth transition and the length allow you the freedom to style it the way you want, without you having to be married certain style every morning. 

The shape as a stack

Source: styled_by_carolynn

We love the co9nfidence that this bob exudes. Its dramatic length in the front that climbs up in the back shows us that if you can pull this daring cut off you deserve to speak to whomever you want.go ahead and have some fun with this one.

Short bob  for thick hair

Source: styled_by_carolynn

Chop your hair into a tousled bob for a lightweight result  with less bulk yet more texture . this type of hair styles give you an amazing look on any day casual or even on businessmen events

Sassy angoled bob

Source: styled_by_carolynn

It  is fun ,chic and trendy. It is beautiful and suitable cut for any age. Every women is passionate about the angled bob, whether it is short or long.

Wedge bob

Source: styled_by_carolynn

Yyou will be surprised when you see beautiful golden blond highlighted hair. A pop of sass, added dimension, and head turning looks are what you will get from this chic bob cut.

Sharp edges bob haircut

Source: styled_by_carolynn  

The way that this gradual bob bang is just the right amount of sexy. It sleek and sensual without taking away from your sass  and every woman should keep her sass. It also keeps your hair away from your neck while still  providing face frame and it will suit almost every face shape.

Sleek and sensual hairstyle

Source: styled_by_carolynn  

Straight bob  cut is loved because once you are done with it,you can grow your hair without any drama. It looks great when it’s short and make easy to be good with no unnecessary layers or dramatic flairs, it is the haircut that make you get ready faster than ever before.

Rockin  the beach waves style

Source: styled_by_carolynn  

The  cut is like bringing out the beach waves after a day in the sun . you can wear it naturally allowing your own volume to do the work or some styling to get a soft and wavy look. Long enough to allow you to wear it up when needed short enough to playful. It is ideal style for active girl.

Soft edges bob hair cut

Source: gulevich.vladimir  

Many bobs go long in front and short in the back,this classy hairstyle is different in such a way that having long bangs and longer in the back and sides . it is lovingable.

Playful, Unique and Eye-Catching Hair

Source: frizerski.salon.niva  

you want to have fun with your bob and you want to have bangs because let’s face it, bangs are always fun. This bob is for when you want to get that perfect face frame while still being able to choose between straight or curly styling. It’s a pretty hairstyle that is fun to play around with

Short and Sweet and Pretty as Can Be

Source: hairfeeling 

Smooth transitioning from short in the back and a tad longer in the front make this a sneakily attractive cut. It’s not an in-your-face kind of look but it slowly wins you over with its hidden edginess. Easy-to-style and not too dramatic that you’ll never want to be friends with it, it’s the kind of style that you want to keep

Be Your Best With This Cut

Source: clebber.tinoco  

Smooth and simple to style, this cut has us in love with it. We like that it takes a classic bob cut but has a bit of fun with shorter strands in unique places. Yet it’s swooping front bang allows you to get the face-frame that makes you as youthful-looking as you want to be.

The Delightfully Versatile Bob

Source: salonbordeaux

Yet it’s swooping front bang allows you to get the face-frame that makes you as youthful-looking as you want to be

Versatile short Bob

Source: salonbordeaux

This simple yet stylish bob is great for women who don’t want to go too drastic but who want to look trendy. The smooth transitions, the length, and the body allow you the freedom to style it the way you want, without you having to be married to one certain style every morning.

The Pixie: Cute and Easy Hairstyle

Source: salonbordeaux  

If you like the cute and chic look, you’ll love this option. With wispy strands that are fun to play with and the light bob in the back, it’s a bob that you can do a lot with. Long enough to keep out of the way yet short enough to be playful, it’s a winner for sure.

The Look That Feels So Good

Source: headrushdesigns  

If you’re tired of hair weighing you down, just chop it off. Yet, we don’t suggest just doing it yourself. Cut it in such a way that people will be asking you where you got it done. Short, chic, edgy, and oh, so ready to make things happen is what we think this cut screams to onlookers.

Fresh and Clean Beauty Queen

Source: headrushdesigns

There is just something about this look that says fresh. The way that it’s slowly but surely transitions from short to long in the front to the way that it settles just right has us loving it for days. It’s the style that can look pretty, no matter the occasion.

Short bob haircuts

Source: wickeddopelyfe

This cut allows you to go to the beach and let your hair happen. It lets you style it in a hurry. It allows the crazy hair chica to do what she wants with it. It’s the easygoing chic that you want on your side. It’s the haircut that makes it easy to wake up in the morning. With no sharp edges, there is no need to stress about how you wear it.

One sided sharp edge bob haircut

Source: creepie_locks  

The way that this gradual bob hangs is just the right amount of sexy. It’s sleek and sensual without taking away from your sass—and every woman should keep her sass. It also keeps your hair away from your neck while still providing a face frame that will suit almost any face shape.

The Light and Airy, Easy-Peasy Hair

Source: joshthehairstylist   

Some of us girls like to keep it simple. A lightweight bob like this one allows you to stay busy with the things that really matter. It works perfectly on the girl with fine hair and can also look good on girls with volume. It’s trendy, it’s classic, and most of all, it’s chic.

The Bob That Makes You Take Notice

Source: angelshairdoos_pgh    

It will certainly make the owner of this bob take notice, as this kind of style isn’t something you wake up and fall into. Yet if you’re the type of girl who has no qualms about your hair iron, go for this look. It’s so charming, we wish that every girl could keep up with a look like this. Sharp and intelligent looking, it’s amazingly unique. What do you think?

A Modern Hairstyle You’ll Love

Source: dfurbabies  

Maybe you’ve shied away from drastic changes in the past but it’s time to show your hair who is boss with this lovely haircut. It’s so dramatic and perfectly modern that there’s no way that you won’t turn heads with this bright and beautiful style. That dramatic swoop has us swooning.

The Cute Easy Hairstyle You Need

Source: hairmakeupby_liced  

This cute hairstyle for girls and women is the kind of haircut that can suit the whole family. Whether your pre-teen daughter is tired of her long locks or you are, this bob allows you to have a change without you screaming in terror. It’s simple to style and works with all kinds of hair.

Perfect For The Summer Heat

Source: rambutbob   

 Those times when you want to let your hair down and feel pretty but oh, how hot it is. This haircut will allow you to delicately frame your features with a long bang in the front while keeping your hair off your neck in the back. It may seem drastic but when the temperature is high, drastic measures are valid. Plus, you can’t deny that it looks amazing.

Short and Sweet and Pretty as Can Be

Source: rambutseries   

Smooth transitioning from short in the back and a tad longer in the front make this a sneakily attractive cut. It’s not an in-your-face kind of look but it slowly wins you over with its hidden edginess. Easy-to-style and not too dramatic that you’ll never want to be friends with it, it’s the kind of style that you want to keep.

The One That Allows You To Just Be

Source: rambutseries 

 Unless you have voluminous hair that is hard to handle, this haircut will allow you to just wear it as is. Short and not dramatic at all, it doesn’t demand crazy time spent styling it. If you’re a woman who wants to wake up and take over the world, this is the perfect cut for you.

Blowing Things Out of Proportion

Source: rambutseries  

The cut that provides volume to the ladies that were born without, this is the bob that works wonders for when you need a bit more thickness in your hair. Whether your hair has started thinning with age or you have always had fine hair, this cut will help to enhance your hair volume. If this is what you want, this bob could be for you.

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